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Grandma Pattie's Story

Dementia took so much from Grandma Pattie. She could no longer enjoy the things she once did like playing Bingo or watching TV, and it affected her ability to communicate with us in the ways we were familiar with.   This is incredibly common with Alzheimer’s & Dementia. Families find there is little to connect us with each other when the disease is so impactful.

One Day Grandma Received the Precious Gift of a Baby Doll!

The baby immediately brought comfort, happiness, and peace! He gave Grandma something to be excited about, something to be silly & laugh about AND he created a new bond between us as family and one with the staff that was caring for Grandma. She was so proud of her baby, he gave her a new outlook on life!    He was fun to talk to her about and he brought a genuine smile back to her face.  It was absolutely incredible to witness the sheer joy and goodness that this baby brought into her life! 

Our experience with Grandma Pattie is a very common one that many people have not heard of. Ladies and Gentleman living with Alzheimer's/Dementia lose so much but the gift of a baby allows them to feel needed, makes them feel comforted, gives them something for the staff caring for them to connect with as well as other residents in their living facility. 



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